The most powerful processor.
For an HDMI cable like no other.

-The HDMI cable reinvented.


HDElite© ActiveHD™ is the first HDMI cable on the market to integrate a powerful video processing chip manufactured by Marseille Inc. – something usually only found in systems costing thousands of euros. Today, with HDElite© ActiveHD™, the ultimate in image quality is now available to all.

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The Marseille Inc. video processor inside our HDElite© ActiveHD™ cables makes them the most advanced HDMI cables anywhere. The processor is also Technicolor-certified, one of the most demanding home theatre certifications on the market, ensuring that the integrity of the original signal is not altered during colour correction. With ActiveHD™ you see colours, contrast, and movement exactly as the content creator intended, for a Hollywood-quality experience at home.

Designed for 4K.

Compatible with all TV displays.

HDElite© ActiveHD™ cables were designed to achieve a perfect image on 4K TVs, but they are also compatible with all earlier-generation TVs. ActiveHD™ cables correct compression defects and improve colour depth and sharpness so you can get the most out of your equipment, whatever the generation.

The most powerful processor out there.

The Marseille Inc. processor in our ActiveHD™ cables can process and enhance images at resolutions from 720p to 4K. Marseille Inc., a global leader on the video processor market, has delivered the ultimate in technology for our HDElite© ActiveHD™ cables – the only HDMI cables on the market to pack in this much processing power.

NativePixel™ Upscaling.
Give your 4K TV mind-blowing image quality.

Upscaling is a way of artificially boosting an image’s pixel count. If you want to watch non-4K content on a 4K TV, for example, upscaling is absolutely crucial. Our ActiveHD™ cables use NativePixel™ technology to recreate native 4K images for a breath-taking Ultra HD experience. Get the most advanced upscaling technology on the market and get the most out of your 4K TV!

ActiveDetails™: because it’s the little things that count.

ActiveDetails™ technology substantially enhances the quality of upscaled or blurry images by restoring the original details. Enjoy sharp, detailed image quality, even with compressed video and get the full benefits of your ActiveHD™ cable’s image enhancer!

ActiveEdge™: say goodbye to aliasing.

When it comes to HD video, contour correction is an issue that just keeps cropping up. The culprit is a phenomenon known as aliasing, which causes curved image contours to become distorted. ActiveEdge™ technology corrects this, restoring the original smooth contours for easy-to-read text and less eyestrain!

SmartScanner™ smart image enhancer.

SmartScanner™ technology helps you get 100% out of your HDElite© ActiveHD™ cable’s phenomenal computing capacity by analyzing up to 60 images per second and detecting areas in need of enhancement in real time. SmartScanner™ technology makes the most of every square centimetre of your screen for jaw-dropping image quality.

High-precision conductors.

HDMI cables transmit large volumes of audio and video signals, so they need high-precision conductors to make sure your images reach your display intact. HDElite© cables use oxygen-free copper conductors for a sharp, lifelike home theatre experience every time.